Gorky Park - Two Candles

Gorky Park
Two Candles

Текст песни

Loneliness is my only guest
Who visits me alone at night
When it comes I light two candles
Just the way it was
And pretend the flames become your eyes

Emptiness is a friend I guess
The shadow played upon the wall
If I let the candles take me
I can see your face
And remember hearing someone call your name

My candles are crying O-o-o-o-h
Мy candles are crying O-o-o-o-h
They're crying for you
They're waiting for you
I'm waiting for you

Is it you knocking at my door
Or maybe just a ghostly wind
How I wish that you were here
Sitting by my side
And you'll bring me back to life again tonight
  • Артист: Gorky Park
  • Песня: Two Candles
  • Обновлено: 2023-05-14
  • Просмотров: 814
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