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Sam Ryder - Somebody | Lyrics
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Lyrics of the song "Somebody" are published on this page. The singer is Sam Ryder. Listen to the song on your smartphone or computer.

Sam Ryder - Somebody


You bring me summer every weekend
Like a rooftop in LA
And when it heats up in the evening
You cool me off like a lemonade
So don’t go changing like the seasons
Cos you’re perfect in every way
Babe, you got a love that’s world leading
If you were runnin’ I’d lead your campaign

Wake me up
You’re the caffeine in my coffee cup
Like a shooting star you light me up
You’re amazing

Cos we all need somebody
Even lonely hearts need somebody
So before this love leaves your body
Give it away
So if you’ve got somebody
Let ‘em know that they’re your somebody
Little love never hurt nobody

So you use your light
And shine it like crazy
We got one life
Let’s make it amazing
I love you babe
You know that ain’t changing
You got, you got somebody who loves you

Baby you and me
We got chemistry
Call it alchemy
Call it what you want
I don’t know what I believe in
But what a time to be living and breathing
And I got a feeling
that we’re here for the same thing
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